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The Great White Shirt

Nothing says elegance, quite like the classic white shirt!

Not all shirts are created equal! The White shirt is clearly a bit of Royalty where Dress shirts are concerned. In this era of fiscal prudence, a classic white dress shirt sends a savvy message. It says - I am serious, I am in control, and I am in fashion!

We bring you the best white fabrics from the finest Italian mills like; Canclini, Albini and Monti, as well as from the best textile mills from around the world - Mr. Fogg would have been proud!

Our quest is to deliver to you a shirt constructed from a fabric that is not only a smart bright white, its to find one that drapes you elegantly.


Making the Great White Shirt work for you

A cutaway collar works very well with the classic white shirt, leaving you lots of room in your decision of what tie to wear with the shirt.

With a more structured white fabric like the Oxford weave, the Button Down is not just a staple; it’s rather a workhorse of elegance.

The ArtVictus quest for the great white dress shirt is less about finding the more expensive fabrics, than it is about finding you that delightful white fabric that you will absolutely enjoy wearing. And, deliver it to you on merit of craftsmanship and quality!