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The ARTVICTUS shirt: Made in Canada

We bring the shirts to you straight from the manufacturers. The ArtVictus shirts are amongst the highest quality produced anywhere in the world. The shirts are crafted at factories in Canada that produce for some of the famous shirts brands of North America. In fact you could quite easily be paying $350+ at your local fashion house, for shirts of this quality.

You can tell a ArtVictus shirt apart from a lot of other custom dress shirts from the quality of its garment workmanship and its perfect finishing.


We have cut out Retail Overheads 

Quite simply we do not incur the overheads of large retailers or fashion houses and therefore can bring the shirts to you direct from the manufacturers via our website. We merchandise the fabrics and design them in-house, and so we further save on costs that are standard for brands and large retailers.

Therefore despite considerable production cost challenges in Canada, we are able to bring the ArtVictus shirts to you at sharp value.


What makes us different from Large Retailers or Fashion Houses?

We have Simplified Design:

We have simplified the design process at ArtVictus.  Quite simply - you design the shirts that you buy. We call this Logic Custom!

So what do we do? We try and bring to you the best fabrics from around the world and complement that with some of the best tailoring. For example, we offer you a signature high quality Italian fabrics line from the well known Italian mills like Cotonoficio Albini, Tessitura Monti and Canclini Tessile, Alumo etc.

So think of it like this – we provide you the canvas for you to paint your own unique creations!

We offer you designs that are directional and which offer you a sort of template to begin your own designing. And if you like what we have suggested in our lookbook, then your shopping process becomes even faster, and more fun!


Our simplified web store:

ArtVictus Dress shirts are available exclusively through our online store. We have simplified the shopping process by cutting out excessive optioning, excessive steps in shirt design, excessive measurements and excessive steps in the purchase process, to bring to you an experience that you will find intuitive, and at the risk of repeating ourselves, fun!



At ArtVictus we make quality the centerpiece of what we do. Our fabrics are top of the line to begin with, and then we add on fine tailoring details that make our shirts a delight to wear.


The fully balanced shirt: 

ArtVictus shirts are fully balanced! What does this mean? And what has balance to do with a shirt? It so turns out, plenty!

A balanced design is one where a stripe or a check is matched from the left panel of a shirt to the right. The balance is continued through the front placket and even the pocket. 

To explain this a bit - Each stripe or check on the pocket of the shirt will sit exactly on the stripes on the body of the shirt front, matching it perfectly. What’s more each stripe or check on the shoulder matches and flows down the shoulder into the sleeves. It is this fastidious obsession to detail that makes the ArtVictus dress shirt the superlative product that it is.

What’s more, our standard measurement system ensures that the extra long shirt tails that we offer will not come untucked easily while you go about your days work.



Our Fabrics come from some of the best European and Asian mills. We offer a special section in our online store that consists only of fabrics from the legendary Italian mills Cotonoficio Albini, Tessitura Monti and Canclini Tessile. Most of our fabrics are 2 ply and we pride ourselves on working essentially with fabrics from cotton mills that only use long staple cotton fibre yarn in the weaving of their fabrics.


Collars and Cuffs:

All our shirts have crisp, well constructed collars made with high quality usually German made interlining, that makes them sit elegantly and comfortably around your neck. It’s seldom understood just how much a good set of collars can help frame the wearer’s face!

The collar of a ArtVictus shirt is a two-piece constructed, hand folded, hand ironed, always crisp collar that makes for a perfect shirt presentation. You wont find unsightly wrinkles or bubbling on the collar of a ArtVictus shirt.. 

Cuffs are second in importance only to the collar. Our shirts cuffs come in both regular and French cuff options. Our cuffs use the same high quality interlining that we use in the collars to ensure that the cuffs retain their shapes and that when they peek out from under your jacket sleeve then they do so with elegant style.



ArtVictus shirts are Single needle stitched at an SPI (stitches per inch) of 18 to 22, giving you very fine virtually no-pucker seams on your shirt, that will stand up to the stress that you put on your shirt. 

Our buttons are lock stitch attached – so you wont find loose ends on our buttons which when accidentally pulled can cause the button stitching to unravel and your buttons to pop off.



High quality mock mother-of-pearl buttons 2.8 mm thick are standard with ArtVictus shirts. Our mock MOP buttons come only from factories either in Japan or Italy. These buttons look great and are virtually unbreakable.


The Sleeve Placket : 

On all ArtVictus long sleeves shirts, the sleeve placket or sleeve gauntlet as this is sometimes called, comes with a button halfway up the sleeve placket. A dressy feature to begin with, this is something you surely need if you are the type who rolls up his sleeves to work!

Our sleeve gauntlet button also ensures that sleeves are neatly closed up and look very elegant when you are showing off your shirt (as you should) without a jacket!


Split Yoke:

This is another sign of a well-made shirt. In fact on Jermyn Street in London, a street that pretty much sets the standard for luxury custom made dress shirts, a split yoke is the mark of a well made Bespoke shirt.  That the split yoke allows the shirt to stretch a little further when you extend your arms, causing less tightness in the back and therefore is more comfortable, is then only added benefit! 


Collar Stays: 

Removable collar Stays are another feature of the classic Bespoke shirt! They help keep the collar in shape and on very fine fabrics, removable Stays help prevent the glaze mark that can sometimes appear from extra hot ironing. The removable Stays are generally considered a more premium feature too.

For those folks who fear that they could lose their pair of collar Stays - We always offer a spare set of collar stays with our shirts.