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Logic Custom

When you buy a dress shirt in a store or online the two variables that you base your decision on are neck size and sleeve length. It’s then not really a wonder that the shirt isn’t a very flattering fit. Every manufacturer uses a different sizing standard to arrive at what is ‘their’ fit. The problem for you is that knowing your fit with one brand doesn’t guarantee a good fit with another.  

Our goal with our Logic Custom program is to give you a handle on getting an extremely well fitting shirt without having to go to a tailor to get measured!

We have minimized the number of variables that you do need to measure; so that we can guarantee you a fit that will look great on you. This is not the dodgy rule of divine proportion again, but is instead the logic of extensive shirt making expertise!

How do you measure yourself

One of the challenges even with the best of online stores is – who will measure you? When you measure so many variables, its important to get them really right. We know that a tape measure that goes around a human body yields a slightly different measurement in every different pair of hands.

So how do we make this work for you?

We have limited the shirt sizing process to 5 key measurements that are also relatively simple to measure, and what’s more are pretty time friendly too!

We are confident that the shirt so created will fit you and if for some reason that it doesn’t then we do have a very broad return policy.


The 5 key measurements that we need from you are:

Neck Measurement 

Look at an off the rack shirt in your wardrobe, that you love to wear with a necktie. The size of this shirt is your neck measurement in CM or Inches. 

You can also reconfirm this by measuring the neck by laying the shirt collar flat on a table and measuring from the centre of the button hole to the centre of the button at the other end of the collar.

Sleeve Length – Your Left Sleeve and Your Right Sleeve

Your favorite dress shirt should also have a sleeve length mentioned on it. This sleeve measurement is your sleeve length.
You can also reconfirm this by laying the shirt fully buttoned flat and upside down on a table. Now begin the measurement from the centre of the neck - where the collar band joins the yoke – run the tape till the end of the shoulder, then holding it with a finger run it down the sleeve, all the way down to the end of the cuff.

Now this gives you only one of the two measurements that you need. We know that most men favor one arm over another; this is what gives us dimensions that are slightly different on each arm for most people – and if you were a baseball pitcher at one time, then your throwing arm would typically be a little bit longer than the other. It may be a bit more built up too; but that’s another conversation!

So, the question to ask is – whether your favorite shirt is a perfect fit on both arms? If yes, then the same arm measurement goes for both sleeves on the order form. 

But if not, then which arm do you feel that your favorite shirt is a little short on? That’s the arm to usually add either ½” (rounded down to 1 cm) or 1” (2.5cm) to the sleeve measurement, and viola you have a very personalized custom dress shirt. 

Now you know why we call this Logic Custom!!

Chest Measurement

Look at an off the rack jacket in your wardrobe that you love to wear. The size of the jacket is your chest size usually in Inches, and if you have bought this jacket in the Continent, then perhaps in CM.  

How do you reconfirm this – Ask a friend to take a tailor’s measuring tape around your chest at a spot roughly 1” below your armpit. Make sure that the tape runs where your chest is the widest. It must also be level on your chest and your back. This measurement should reconfirm your well fitting jacket measurement. 

Shirt Length

This is easier still. Button your favorite dress shirt and lay this upside down on a table. Now measure the back length of this shirt from the top centre of the back - where the collar band joins the back panel. Run your tape all the way down to the bottom of the shirt.

This measurement is your desired shirt length.

There, you saw that that wasn’t too difficult. Just 5 measurements that a guy can easily get right, and you have a great custom made shirt via ARTVICTUS’ Logic Custom

Choosing a great Fit

We have eliminated the complicated multiple options that are only marginally different from each other anyhow. We have simplified the Fit selection process by presenting to you two great options.

 ● The Slim Fit
 ● The Classic Fit

Choose the Slim fit if you think that you are ‘Fit’ or close to Fit. Choose the Classic fit if you have a few pounds to work off!