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Tailored Shirts and ARTVICTUS

Why should I buy ARTVICTUS Shirts?

Tailored in Canada – We bring you one of the world’s very best dress shirts manufacturing standards. Our shirts are tailored in Canada.

Premium Fabrics – Our fine fabrics, mostly 2 ply, are sourced from top of the line European and Asian mills.

A fully balanced shirt – All our design patterns are fully matched on our shirts. For examples in a multi colored striped shirt; the centre stripe in the repeating pattern will be the central stripe on the front placket of the shirt. The stripes or check lines on the pocket, will perfectly match with those on the body of the shirt.

Smart Fit – A perfect fit is one of the advantages of wearing a custom dress shirt from ArtVictus.

Simplified ordering process – We have simplified our measurement process to make buying a custom dress shirt a quick, fun and intuitive process.

Quality craftsmanship – Our shirts are single needle stitched and our seams feature 18 – 22 stitches per inch.

A green business – We are an ecologically conscious business. From using recycled materials, to energy conservation to cutting our carbon footprint, we try and use our ecological consciousness as a guiding principle in our choices about how to run our business.


We aim to do good – Our goal is to be a socially responsible business. Our program ‘buy a shirt – give a shirt’ which provides shirts to the very poor reflects this very thought.

What fabrics do you use to produce the ArtVictus Shirts?

We use some of the finest fabrics from around the world to produce your ArtVictus  custom dress shirts. Our premium two-ply and single-ply cottons fabrics come from both European and Asian Mills.


We also offer a special line from Italy’s top cotton mills like - Cotonoficio Albini, Tessitura Monti and Canclini Tessile.

What do you mean by "We aim to be an eco friendly organization"?

ArtVictus strives to practice environmental sustainability. We believe that progressive shifts in life-style and stewardship are required to maintain a healthy planet.

We further believe that it’s everyone’s job to do their bit to care for the environment; to cut their energy use, increase recycling and cut their carbon footprint.

We are conscious of environmental issues and we believe that the pursuit of sales, profit and business growth can be achieved concomitantly with commitment to ecological protection.

Measurement and Design Your Shirt

What is your fit Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with your Dress shirt at the time that you receive it for any manufacturing flaw, or if the measurements of the shirt vary from what you have provided us causing the shirt not to fit, you may return it to us for a replacement or a refund.


We hope that you will understand that we cannot repair a dress shirt, especially one that has been custom made for you.


Our Ironclad Fit Guarantee is designed to put your mind to rest when you order from our website.

What should I do if my shirt doesn’t fit?

Our Ironclad fit guarantee is offered to first time customers who discover a problem with their very first shirt purchase. 


If your shirt doesn’t fit please send us an email to indicating the problem and what you believe will fix the problem.


Replacement fix

To give you a replacement, we will respond to your email, and give you a returns number that we would like you to mention on your package when you mail the shirt to us, to return. We do this because we like to analyze where we have had a problem in our manufacturing system, and getting the garment back helps our technical guys analyze the problem to ensure that the problem gets licked!


Your replacement shirt will be sent back to you free of charge.

Do you offer standard sizes?

ArtVictus does not have an in-stock program at the moment. All our Dress shirts are custom made to your measurements and specs. We can however tailor your Dress shirt to a standard measurement that you prefer.


We will ensure that you get the ArtVictus quality fit standard!

How do I know if the ordered shirt will fit?

Our Dress shirts measurement standards and tolerances have been perfected over thousands of shirts produced. We are confident that over 98% of cases our shirts will fit.


It absolutely helps that the measurements that you enter while ordering your dress shirts, are accurate! If they are, then it makes the job of our cutting and sewing departments much easier, and you are happy with your shirt the first time around itself.

Will I be able to design my own shirt on your website?

We have tried to simplify the way that you buy Dress shirts online using our Logic Custom process. Our offer on the ArtVictus website, reflects this desire for simplification in other areas as well.


We offer you a lot of personalization options that we feel will be exciting in your buildup of your shirt. You will find the shirt design process simple and intuitive. And you will love the results.

How do I know if my ArtVictus shirt really fits?

Here are some of the simple things that will give you the assurance that your ArtVictus shirt really fits.


? Is my collar the right size - Button your shirt front, including the collar. Now slide one finger between your neck and collar. If you are able to do this comfortably, you have a well fitting collar.

? Are my sleeves long enough - With your shirt fully buttoned, try and move your arms. Your sleeves should not ride up beyond your wrists. This is the length that will ensure that when you wear a jacket on top of your shirt, that your shirt sleeves will peek out about ½ inch, and will not ride up and disappear into your jacket sleeves.

? How loose are your cuffs – Your cuffs should not feel constricting on the wrists, and neither should you be able to slip into or out of the shirt without undoing your cuff buttons.

? Is the shirt tight around your torso - This measurement is very much an issue of personal preference! The shirt should be well fitting but not be too loose or so tight as to be restricting across the chest and waist.

? Is the shirt length right – The best test is to tuck in your shirt into your regular dress pants and to raise your arms above your head. Your shirt-tails should stay tucked in!

How do I take my measurements?

We have 2 options currently that you could use for measurements.

? Watch the video on our website for how to measure yourself easily and in a few minutes with the help of a friend.

? Measure using your favorite shirt and a favorite jacket – This is a simple process that’s explained on our website that you could follow quite easily.


Can I have someone from ArtVictus measure me to ensure that there is no error?

At the moment this is not possible. However we are working on a plan of having style consultants in major North American cities. These style consultants could be able to offer the option of measuring you in a professional and accurate way. However this facet of the business is some time away.

Can’t I just measure myself?

We strongly suggest that you ask a friend to help. If you decide to ask your Mom that’s ok too!


We strongly advise against taking your own measurements, as this is a very error prone undertaking.

I have measurements from a tailor – will those help in ordering a better fit from ArtVictus?

You actually do not need the information from another tailor as most tailors tend to follow a slightly different measurement processes, from each other. And so using another tailor’s measurement could potentially create room for some confusion.


Logic Custom, our revolutionary simplified system of ordering allows you to work with your knowledge of your own off-the-rack Shirt size, and your own off-the-rack Jacket size. Combine that with your Height and we have all the information that we need to give you a fantastic custom dress shirt.


If you do want to key in your actual measurements, then we suggest that you look at our ‘How to measure’ video and follow those instructions.

Do you offer Custom Dress shirts for women too?

Not as yet! However this is something that we hope to be able to offer soon. In fact we have a pretty impressive lineup of fabrics that we believe that Women will love.

Delivery, Taxes & Duties

How long will you take to deliver my order?

We aim to ship your order in 2 weeks time from the date that you place an order on our website. Based on the time taken by Canada Post or an alternate courier you should have the shirts in under 3 weeks, if your delivery address is in Canada or the US.


ArtVictus will deliver to you in 3 weeks, except in situations of ‘force majeure’. These are circumstances like extreme weather events, strikes or industrial action or other similar events beyond our control.

What is your courier or shipping fee?

We have tied up at the moment with Canada Post to deliver shirts for us within Canada and the USA. The Canada Post system generates quick delivery costs while you are in the payment process. This way you get the exact freight cost or shipping fee at the time that you are placing the order.

Which countries do you deliver to?

Our Pricing system is set up in Canadian Dollars and in US Dollars.

At the moment we are able to deliver only to countries in North America and the EU.

We hope however to be able to deliver around the world sometime soon.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes?

If your order is for delivery to a Canadian address then we would need to charge you HST in Ontario or the tax applicable for your Province or Terrotory.


If your order is for a shipment of our Dress shirts to any other country, then its likely that you many need to pay some custom duties.


This duty however varies from country to country. In most countries there is usually an exemption for a small amount of merchandise. In the US this exemption could be upto $200. It would be best for you to confirm this with your country’s customs department.


ArtVictus cannot be responsible for any duties, clearing charges or taxes you might be charged outside Canada.

Price & Payment

How much do ArtVictus shirts cost?

ArtVictus  shirts like most other dress shirt makers in the market, bases its dress shirts prices on the price of the fabric used in making the dress shirt and its cost of shirt manufacture. Our shirts are made in Canada, and as a consequence our shirt making charges are a little higher, but then so is our quality!


Our prices currently start at US$129 or CA$129. Our goal is to be able to offer a staple product eventually at $99. The final shirt price includes the shirt complete with mock MOP (mother-of-pearl) buttons, and removable collar stays.


We offer a slew of personalization extras at no extra cost. These are:


- Contrast inner cuff fabric.

- Contrast inner collar fabric.

- Contrast inner placket fabric.

- White collar (For shirts in a colored fabric).

- White cuffs (For shirts in a colored fabric).

- Contrast button choice.


We offer a few personalization extras that do involve a small cost:

- Monogram: $10

How do I know that I can trust ARTVICTUS with my credit card details?

To ensure that you can transact on our website with complete confidence, we have partnered with Paypal. Paypal takes care of the entire payment process, including your security in the payment process.


You don’t need to have a Paypal account either - you can pay with your credit or debit card on Paypal.


ArtVictus is not privy to your card or payment details. We never see or otherwise get your payment card details.


For further information on safety and privacy issues, please read our privacy policy.

How can I pay for my shirts?

ArtVictus’ payment gateway is managed by Paypal. On Paypal’s secure system you can pay through most credit, debit or other bank cards.


We unfortunately do not accept; checks, bank transfers or cash.

Can I add an additional garment to my order?

As long as your order has not yet been despatched, you can add any further number of garment to your order. Please do bear in mind that adding the new orders might result in your first order’s shipment being delayed.


Please contact our customer service team, if you need to do this at

Can I send two orders together?

As long as neither of your two orders have been despatched, we can combine and send two or more orders together. Please contact our customer service team at

Order and Returns

Is there a minimum purchase?

There are no minimum orders at any time. We suggest that you order one shirt first and then increase your orders as you develop comfort with our program.

Can I order a set of fabric swatches before ordering a shirt?

We do not have this option at the moment. However we are working on using our website to give you a much closer view of our fabrics. 

How often do you add new fabrics to your website?

We generally add new options to our fabric line up every two months. We notify those customers who have signed up for our newsletter, generally once a month about new product introductions.

How do I customize your Studio collections?

Our research shows us that while some customers enjoy the process of custom styling their shirt, there are a large number of customers who would prefer to look at a fully styled shirt to choose from.


Our Studio Collection displays shirts that have been put together by our stylists. You can’t change the style of these shirts – what you can customize is your size and adding a monogram for that distinctive personalization.


This is your Get-Set-Go online buying process.

Can I change or cancel an order?

Yes, you can normally cancel or change your orders with us. However given that we make shirts custom produced just for you, once we take up a shirt for cutting we cannot use the fabric for anything or anybody else. Therefore bearing that in mind we would request you to send us your order change or cancellation email within 48 hours of placing your order.

Please send us an email to to change or cancel an order.


We will get back to you in 2 working days with confirmation of cancellation, and if a 40% cancellation charge will apply. Needless to say, the cancellation charge will only be considered if you missed the 48 hours deadline.

How can I check the status of my order?

Our delivery standard is 3 weeks. However you can always email us at and our customer service team will get back to you within 48 hours with an answer.

What is your hassle free returns or refunds policy?

Our hassle free returns policy is easy, broad and fair. Most of our competitors are foreign based companies. It would be difficult for you to return shirts to them, should there be a problem. Trying to get a refund from them might be even harder. We offer returns and refunds that are easy and fair.

How many remakes can I get?

Our goal is to delight you. And so when we make a mistake, we are happy to send you a free, completely remade replacement shirt. We would therefore request you to send back the original shirt to us, and tell us exactly what was wrong with the first shirt, so that we can get it absolutely right on the second shirt.


However, since all our shirts are exclusively custom made, we would be able to only do one full free remake for you. If we can guide you with any suggestions, that will help you with getting the 2nd shirt absolutely right, please email our customer service team at

How long will my remake take?

A wait for a remake can seem interminable. We try and expedite all remakes, and it generally takes us 2 weeks to get the remake shirt to you. However, sometimes it may take a bit more time to get all issues connected with the remake sorted out, so that the remake comes out as a perfect fit for you.


Our 3 week delivery commitment holds on remakes as well.

Gift Certificates

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

We do indeed! An ArtVictus Gift Certificate is one of the best ways to delight a friend with a Custom Dress Shirt.


You can buy a ArtVictus Gift Certificate in 3 easy steps:

? Visit our Gift Certificate page of this website.

? Fill in the recipient’s details.

? Pen a personal message to be delivered to the recipient.


You are now ready to go to checkout!


We will email to you the Gift Certificate as a pdf file attached to an email from our Customer Service department.

I have received a ARTVICTUS Gift Certificate, how do I redeem it?

Your ArtVictus Gift Certificate will include details of who you have got it from, their message to you, and a Gift code. This Gift code has to be inserted in your checkout process when you buy a ArtVictus dress shirt on our website.

I have some balance left on the Gift Certificate. What should I do?

When you have a balance this will show up in your personal profile that we have on the website. You can use the Gift code several times until all the balance in the Gift Certificate has been used up.


Unfortunately we cannot refund any balance left on the Gift Certificate.

The balance on my card is not enough to buy a shirt. What should I do?

If your purchase amount exceeds the value on your Gift Certificate then you could pay the balance at checkout on the Paypal payment gateway.

Does the Gift Certificate expire?

No, our Gift Certificates do not expire.

How do I redeem a promotional code?

Once you have finished your shopping and are checking out - you will get the prompt to key in your promotion code into your shopping cart.


Just enter your promo code and validate. Enjoy your promo deal!

Shirt Features

Do you offer a contrast Collar lining?

We do offer a contrast collar lining option. A contrast lining on the collar neckband is a fun feature that is casual and distinctive at the same time. It’s a feature that boldly says custom!

Do you offer a contrast Cuff lining?

We do offer a contrast cuff lining option. A contrast cuff lining runs on the inside of the cuff and it generally compliments the contrast that you have chosen on the neckband of your collar.

You can get a contrast lining for both single sided cuffs as well as French cuffs.

Do you offer a contrast Placket lining?

We do offer a contrast placket lining option. The placket on a shirt in the fastening on the front panel, that holds the buttonholes.

A contrast lining on the inside of the placket compliments the contrast lining that you choose on your neckband and the inside of your cuffs. This contrast lining is invisible when then your shirtfront is fully buttoned. This is an extremely subtle shirt feature, and a delightful custom element that you can choose for your shirt.

Online Profile & Account

Do I need to create an account to order?

It helps to have an account so that you don’t need to re-enter your information every time you place an order with us.


You don’t however need to create an account to order on ArtVictus. Our shopping cart will prompt you to ask if you wish to create an account in our database, once you have entered all the information needed to complete your order.


Garment Care

Will the ARTVICTUS shirts shrink?

Most high quality cotton fabrics tend to shrink when first washed. We generally find that unless very hot water is used to wash the shirts, almost all the shrinkage tends to happen in the first 2 or 3 washes. It’s for this reason that we tend to make an allowance for shrinkage in our patterns. And so in about 2 washes your shirts are at their optimum fit.

How do I properly wash the ARTVICTUS shirts?

Remove your collar stays, undo all the buttons and turn the shirt inside out before you throw it into the washing machine!

All high-end cotton fabrics are delicate and so a gentle machine wash or better still a wash by hand is recommended. Please do not use a water temperature that’s higher than 40°C/105°F.

Please dry your shirt on a hanger, and never in a hot tumble dryer. The tumble drying can crease the collar, and cause your shirt to shrink.


These two simple rules can help significantly increase the lifetime of your ArtVictus shirt and along with that your enjoyment with your purchase.

Can I Dry Clean the ARTVICTUS shirts?

Please look at the Washcare symbols on the care label of your shirt and pick the best cleaning process from those symbols.

Traditional Dry Cleaning uses chemicals that will damage your fine cotton dress shirt over time and decrease its life. We would recommend that you launder your ArtVictus cotton and linen dress shirts, instead of Dry Cleaning them.


If however, you do need your shirts Dry Cleaned; then you could perhaps look for a Dry Cleaner who uses modern low ecological impact chemicals and processes that are neutral on your dress shirt.

How do I keep my collars absolutely clean and like new?

Collars do take more skin abrasion contact than most other parts of the shirt, and sometimes this can result in a smudged neckband especially on White or Pastel color shirts. The problem can be more acute for people who sweat more than others.


We would recommend an occasional detergent soak coupled with a gentle scrub on the collar, cuff and the armpit area of the shirt, to keep your dress shirts looking pristine!

Did you not find the answer to the question that you had in mind?

Write to us on and we will try and figure out an answer to your question.