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Dress Shirts Reinvented

ArtVictus was founded with the objective of bringing back a ‘Made in Canada’ Dress Shirt. If the ‘Made in Canada’ challenge wasn’t a lofty enough objective, we decided to raise the bar even higher by juxtaposing this with European fabrics as well as with the most luxuriant fabrics from around the world. To top that further we added impeccable tailoring!

Our goal is to bring to North American customers a European quality product at prices that are significantly better than what they might get at their current downtown tailor.

ArtVictus was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced and over-complicated custom dress shirts available today, making dressing well out of the reach of a lot of people. With variable quality and very long delivery times, the custom made dress shirt buying experience can also sometimes be a put off for many consumers.

By simply engaging with customers directly through our website and simplifying the custom dress shirt ordering process, we believe that we can offer customers a hassle free method of ordering Custom made dress shirts, that fit well and look great.

We have simplified our ordering process enormously. We believe that most men are built along similar lines i.e. for a given neck size most men will have a reasonably similar build. Remember the law of Divine proportions? While we attest that this ‘law of divine proportions’ can be a bit of a dodgy universal law on the whole. But for the human body it does approximate well, and so a given neck size is a good predictor for Chest, Waist, Arms etc. However what it can’t predict is the height of the person, and whether he has a fighting fit physique or a more comfortable desk jockey physique.

We capture this in our meticulously crafted shirts by allowing consumers to customize for height and fit. Every shirt is elegantly constructed with 18 spi stitching, thermal fused buttons and lightweight fused collars.

Available exclusively through our website at the moment, our shirts retail for between $129 and $249.


Clothing with a purpose

The World Bank defines $1.25 per person per day as the threshold for extreme poverty. This reflects the minimum consumption and income level needed to meet a person's basic needs. This means that almost 1/6th of the world’s population lives in dire poverty. What is worse, 40% of the world’s population lives at less than $2.50 per day.

These people lack the ability to fulfill basic needs, and are marginalized. We felt that if with every shirt we sold we could give a shirt away to someone who needs a shirt on his or her back, then we would have done a deed that both our customers and we can justifiably be proud of.

We feel that clothing brings basic dignity to human beings, and at ArtVictus we are determined to do what we can to make this happen. We will work with recognized charities to make sure that the garments we send out reach the people that they are intended for.


So what is ArtVictus?

A Poem that has influenced us and indeed many people around the world is W. E. Henley's Invictus. The word Invictus means unconquerable in Latin. In search of an inspirational name for our website we decided to  combine the word Invictus with Art to get a new sort of hybrid word 'ArtVictus'.

To us ArtVictus is an attitude or indeed an approach to living!


The Qunitessential English Gentleman and his Sartorial Art 

As kids, a book that we found fascinating was Jules Verne’s ‘Around the world in 80 days”. The hero of this tale was Mr. Phileas Fogg, a man of fierce determination, no fear of the unkown, of exacting obsession to detail, and above all an incredible gentleman in every sense of the word!

We particularly find his obsession to detail exciting and relevant – in fact he sacked his manservant (Yes, in those days people did have manservants!!) simply because his then manservant James Forster brought him his washing water at 30 degrees C and not 31 degrees C. This employee change turned out well for Phileas Fogg, as his new manservant Jean Passepertout turned out to be a key player of the story to follow……., but I digress. Suffice to say that Phileas Fogg was an intrepid gentleman!

For all these qualities we decided to have Mr. Phileas Fogg as a sort of company mascot, to convey a kind of enterprise that stands for exacting obsession to detail, and one that would remain undaunted in the face of obstacles.

We hope your new ArtVictus shirts will give you the stylish threads in your travels around the world, as indeed to the office!

Phileas Fogg’s character has inspired generations trough his intrepid pursuits, through the romance of travel, and through romance itself. We hope that you join us in this journey, and that the ArtVictus shirts are your accoutrement of choice in this journey!