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A perfect fit

A quality dress shirt would generally be made from a quality cotton woven fabric. While every shirt has a collar, cuffs, plackets and in some cases pockets, the visible quality of the garment and the manner in which the shirt fits its wearer is what makes an impression upon people. And what makes you feel good about what you are wearing too!

Therefore a custom tailored shirt that works for your physique, is pivotal to presenting a successful image.


Choosing a Collar

While a man should have a variety of collar options in his wardrobe, understanding what collar goes with what can be helpful. A cutaway or a Spread collar is considered more formal than others. This is also a collar that generally needs a necktie to go with it. The classic moderately wide collar is a regular, and works well both with a necktie and even when you plan not to wear a necktie with your dress shirt.

Button Down collars are great to wear with a pair of Khakis and a Blazer but these might be frowned upon at a very formal do!


Choosing a pair of Cuffs

The first decision in choosing a pair of cuffs is whether you prefer wearing cuff links or if you prefer to button your cuffs. French cuffs need cufflinks but are the dressiest option for a formal dress shirt. The button cuff can also be functional and elegant in single button cuffs or dressier in a two-button cuff option.

You can wear button cuffs or French cuffs with a suit jacket and be equally well dressed either way. The French cuffs are ‘de rigueur’ when you really need to stand out.


Choosing a pocket

The thumb rule on choosing a pocket is very simple. If you are going to wear your dress shirt with a suit – then it should generally not have a pocket. For a no suit day – you will need that shirt with a pocket.

Remember that two pockets are an absolute No No, if you intend to wear a suit with that shirt!



Choosing a shirt front placket

A French placket is a self-fold placket and is generally considered the more formal option with a dress shirt. 

A Front placket is a ‘stitched on placket’ that is somewhat informal. This should actually be called the American placket as this tends to be the norm even for dress shirts in America.

The Concealed placket is a shirt front placket that conceals the buttons on the shirt front. Also called the Fly Front placket, this is the dressiest of the shirt front plackets and would be best with an evening shirt, or in a fun retro way with an informal shirt too.


Choosing a Shirt fit

If you are fit or fit-ish you should look at the slim fit option in our shirts. If however you are still carrying the extra pounds from last Christmas that you don’t wish to call attention to; then you would need to choose our Classic fit option. Our Classic fit is also nicely tapered and gives you a flattering fit without being boxy as off the rack shirts can sometimes be.


Choosing your Neck size

It’s always important to buy the right neck size to make a favourable impression. And if you intend to wear a necktie then your decision on your neck size moves from the important to the critical.

The best way to measure your neck is to use a tailor’s measuring tape. Wrap in around your neck, just below the adam’s apple. Insert a finger between your neck and the tape. The circumference measurement that you now get of your neck is your real neck size.


Choosing your sleeve length size

The common wisdom is that your shirt cuff should peep out about ½ inch from your jacket sleeve cuff. However the jacket does cause your shirt sleeves to ride up a bit. So what should you do to ensure that you measure the right sleeve length for your dress shirt?

The answer is a sleeve length that sometimes seems too long, but is actually what works perfectly. This sleeve length is arrived at by measuring your sleeve length all the way upto the point where your thumb joins your palm.


Choosing an Undershirt

Whether or not you wear a T-shirt under your dress shirt is a matter of personal preference. However an Undershirt does help keep the focus on your shirt rather than on the sweatmarks on your armpits, which you will agree, can sometimes be unsightly. Plus when you wear a highly creasing fabric, sometimes called the ‘expensive crush!’ – the Under T-shirt helps reduce the wrinkling as it keeps your body’s sweat away from the shirt fabric.